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Re-imagine your money with Coro - a revolutionary payment app to easily exchange, send and save gold as well as US dollars. Coro combines gold, the most stable and trusted form of money, with the world’s most advanced and secure payment technology. USE THE CORO APP TO: - Exchange, send and save money easily, instantly and securely. - Save gold to preserve the value of your money. Governments devalue currencies daily, which can increase living costs and erode your hard-earned savings. Gold is the stable constant that protects the value of your money. Save gold to protect your future. - Gift gold to friends and family. Make memorable and unique gifts to your friends and family by gifting them gold. Gold never goes out of style and tends to increase in value. - Make payments with practically no transaction limits.* Most other payment apps set rigid transaction limits. With Coro, you can send payments as big or as small as you need. HOW IT WORKS: - Download Coro and complete your identity verification. - Connect your regular bank account to get started. - Transfer funds from your bank to your Coro account. - Exchange any amount of US dollars for gold. - Send and receive payments in gold and US dollars. WHY GOLD? From the ancient Egyptians to today, gold has been universally accepted and has maintained its value as the only stable money humanity has ever known. Gold is reliable and resilient. It can’t be printed and manipulated by governments or central banks. People always come back to gold, especially in times of economic uncertainty. - Imagine if your money always maintained its value. - Imagine if your money was universally accepted and instantly accessible from an app on your mobile phone. - Imagine a world where everyone had fair access to stable money, creating trust and cooperation across societies. Coro now makes this possible. Coro payment app democratizes access to gold, allowing you to use it as money in your daily life. Download Coro to exchange, send and save money easily, instantly and securely.
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